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Our system provides:

Secure online communication between doctor and patient

Control over waiting rooms – patients come only when necessary

Intelligent solution for evaluating the patient’s health and development

Tool for effective planning of patient visits

Possibility to fill out an online questionnaire

The possibility to enter and evaluate activities associated with treating patients online

Technology to facilitate human labor.
Telemedicine is on the rise.

The time is coming for a new kind of communication. Applications and various "smart" solutions are all around us, but thought someone over their use in health care? What if, for example, communication between doctors and patients could take place from home, that is remotely?

What does MedCare 24/7 offer?

MedCare 24/7 is an application that allows remote communication between the patient and doctor. It offers the possibility to share important data, schedule examinations, and online communication between doctor and patient. An integral part is in obtaining structured information from a patient using electronic questionnaires and many other features.

System Functions

Technology should be especially to facilitate and simplify our lives. What formerly was difficult, took a lot of time, and employed a large number of people can often be solved today by pressing a button. Come and see how telemedicine technology is developing and its benefits to both doctors and patients.

Possibilities of Use

Improving regular communication with patients in permanent care

Using the application, the doctor can communicate very effectively with patients in their care. Whether it's simple planning of a check up examination, reminder of necessary tasks before the check (e.g. necessary examination from another specialist) or, for example, sending instructions on what the patient needs to bring for the procedure or check up, the application will always allow doctors not only to assign tasks but also monitor their subsequent fulfillment.

Fight against viral and infectious diseases

At a time when it is desirable to implement patient distancing in waiting rooms, MedCare24/7 can be used for the initial remote diagnosis of a patient, to determine the severity of patient condition and to determine the priority according to which the patient will be treated. The system will also allow automatic scheduling of patient visits, according to defined intervals. In the fight against viral and infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, the system can be a very valuable or even essential tool.

Follow-up of the patient after the operation/disease

If the patient is allowed home care after the procedure or during illness the MedCare24/7 system can be used both to assess the patient's condition on the basis of pre-prepared questionnaires and for regular communication between doctor and patient without the need for a personal visit to the medical facility.

Possibility of mass notification of patients

The system also enables the mass distribution of information messages from a doctor. Whether it is a regular invitation to renew vaccination or instructions for an outbreak, the doctor no longer has to contact each patient separately. Now it can send information to all patients in one message immediately and has the option of remote communication via chat.

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